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Imagine that at this moment in time, you need to travel every day from home to your office – 20 km away. Of course, you have many options to get to your destination. You can walk: cost is 0, effort is high, comfort is minimum, but travel time is extremely high. You can take the bus: cost is low, effort is moderate, flexibility is limited due to a fix schedule, travel time is moderate, comfort is low. With the bike the costs are again 0, effort is high, time is moderate, comfort is low, and lanes are not yet available everywhere.

In today’s context the most efficient way to get from home to the office is by car: infrastructure is dependable and includes highways, schedule is fully flexible, depending on your time , costs are moderate, effort is 0 and comfort is maximum. However, what today is the most efficient, in 10 years will change. Maybe we’ll travel by air, drones or whatever technology will evolve into. 

This is Meta. The efficient way to achieve a superior result in the current context. It is the digital lab created by Dentcof, in its own mindset and simplified protocol for treating restorative cases. The lab is integrated into Smilecloud so you can connect and place orders inside the platform. All digital designs have a maximum 4 working day delivery time, are uploaded directly on Smilecloud as printable / millable files. Orders are confirmed when all the documentation is provided, so in order to have the fastest delivery time, make sure you provide all the necessary files. Metalab is the best fit for dentists who are working digital, have scanning and printing technology in their office or have easy access to it. We will go over the protocols and workflow below. 

Initial Documentation

The “digital clone” is a modern approach of the consultation appointments, in which all data collected are synthesised and assembled digitally for treatment planning. Thus, digital records are obtained: 

  • Portrait pictures 
  • Intra-oral pictures 
  • Portrait video 
  • Intra-oral scans: upper and lower in occlusion
  • CBCT 
  • Modjaw records 

This combination of data compiles the “patient digital clone,” which eliminates the need for the patient to be present during multiple treatment planning sessions, and multiple appointments among different specialists, which would otherwise delay the treatment planning process. This is also the standard documentation need to order designs from Metalab. The photo protocol is an important aspect of the treatment planning and all of the pictures bellow are required. For more tips and tricks regarding the photo documentation you can explore the article here.

45 angle large smile

Large smile open mouth - visible incisal edges

45 angle large smile

45 angle bite

Frontal bite

45 angle bite

Maxila intraoral with contrastor

Mandible intraoral with contrastor

Maxilla occlusal view

Mandible occlusal view

Biometric design

In digital all planning and procedures are guided by design. The 2D design is the visual representation of the treatment. In order to get accurate results, shape selection and positioning must be made in accordance with the biological possibilities. The 2D design is made by the dentist or technician and is recommended to have the patient included in the decision. This way you know exactly what the patient wants and likes before proceeding to 3D.

How it works

After you planned your case, created the 2D design and already have the first ok from your patient, place the order for the Biometric Design. The payment is charged from the credit card connected to your account and an invoice is automatically sent to your email.

When order is placed, a Metalab representative is added to your case. You will talk about the case planning, give specific indications and inform about the steps of treatment. Based on the case indications, a technician is assigned to your case and you can communicate freely in the case chat during the course of treatment. The maximum delivery time for a design is 4 working days.

As the order is placed from the 2D design where shapes have been selected and approved by you, changing shapes on a delivered design requires a new order. However, one revision is included in the design meaning that you can always ask for changes in position and angulation. For the quickest delivery, make sure you have the necessary initial documentation.

Motivational Design

Enhance the patient experience – Pre-visualise diverse clinical scenarios – Increased case acceptance – Meaningful visual communication. Read more about the motivational design here.

Indications: Use it in additive or borderline additive cases, to motivate the patient

You receive: 1 printable STL file

Requirements: Initial documentation, 2D design

Warning: Can not be used as a preparation guide

Price: 139 eur / arch

Functional Design – Diagnostic interdisciplinary planning

Interdisciplinary integrated design – Usable as a reduction guide – Usable for chairside temporaries

Indications: Use the Functional design to plan implants, guide preps and place as chairside temporaries

You receive: 1 printable STL file

Requirements: Initial documentation, 2D design

Warning: You need to pre-prep and/or crown lengthen before you can transfer it in the mouth if reduction is part of the design

Price: 139 eur / arch

Crown lengthening guide – Recontouring soft tissue levels

Biological and / or esthetic guided – Can be used for both tissue and bone reduction – Works for both flap and flapless techniques.

Indications: Precise recontouring of soft tissue and/ or bone for a predictable final result in accordance to design

You receive: 1 printable STL file

Requirements: Initial documentation, Functional or Motivational design, CBCT

Warning: the guide should be used with Electrosurge. The guide can be ordered only after the 3D design was completed as it follows the position of the final restorations.

Price: 99 eur

Anterior platform – Deprogramming and CR registration

Predictable deprogramming – Easy and predictable CR registration – Powerful diagnosis tool in TMD scenario

Indications: Functional unstable patients

You receive: 1 printable STL file

Requirements: Upper and lower scans in occlusion. Upper must have full palate.

Warning: Make sure you scan the palate and retro-molar areas for increased retention of the splint

Price: 99 eur

Final Restorations

Biometric design. Millable, printable, repeatable manufacturing.

Indications: Final restorations

You receive: #the number of restorations as printable/ millable STL file

Requirements: Functional design / Preparation scans using retraction cords for visible margins. For implant cases, complete information about the implant type.

Warning: After milling, the elements need to be stained and adapted by a technician

Price: 35 eur / element

Communication and review

You will notice that when you place your order, a gallery and a 3D review scene is automatically created for your order. If your order includes multiple services, one Gallery and one 3D scene is created for each one.

The technician will first upload a preview file and adds the initial and design in the corresponding 3D scene. Here you can asses multiple things during your review:

  • Position (View / superimpose multiple files)
  • Measure directly in 3D
  • Contacts (Heatmap)
  • Design in Motion (If you provided Modjaw recordings for your patient)

This step is meant to simplify the communication process and give you the necessary tools for you to conduct your review. You can advise on any changes of position / angulation and once you approve, the technician will upload your printable file. See all the 3D tools and features in this ARTICLE.

Communication is key for achieving results as a team, so don’t hesitate to talk about the planning and requirements.

If you have any questions regarding Metalab, feel free to contact us on or simply ask your question in the John Doe demo case. The John Doe case is shared with you the first time you create an account. It contains a complete initial documentation and is a direct communication channel to our support team.

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  • Tomas Molina

    The 20 euros suscription is for 80 cases. Even if I delete a finish case,it will still count? If so, every new case after the first 80,s will increase the suscription in 35 cents/month ? I.E : 180 case will be 20+3500 cts / month ?
    Can we add the 3D STL into MODJAW pre final mockup to fine tune plan ?
    Thks forehand

  • Alexandra Pavard

    What are the technical differences between the motivational design and the functional design ?
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