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OTTO empowers teamwork by creating a common perspective for every member of the team, whether it's a restorative dentist, a technician, a surgeon, or the front desk.

The unit of design in digital, Its atom, is strongly becoming the unique individual shape of a natural tooth. How does this impact the process? 

Digital dentistry is directly linked to input and data. This is a standardised photo protocol, and some examples of common mistakes that can occur during acquisition.

We use AI not to replace or automate user decisions, quite the opposite, we use AI to empower them. Every extra click feels and is creative. Its decision with real-time impact.

Digital today offers thousand ways to execute any particular treatment. We need tools versatile enough to bring everyone on the same page, in their own way.

From a clinical relevance standpoint it is advisable to limit motivational mock-ups to additive or borderline additive cases. Read all about the indications, limitations and the management of reductive cases.

RAW is a complete digital workflow for copying natural morphology, individualised and simplified in Dentcof's philosophy and optimised for both open and closed CAD-CAM Systems.

A complete protocol for guided direct composites. Restore enamel as well as dentin, preserving shape and texture to achieve a natural and functional result.

You know you are in this position when you lack experience, which is perfectly understandable at the start of the road.

We've improved interface for more clarity, speed and ease of use. Dark mode, 3D scans with color, filters for file types, compare designs and more.