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Author: Andreea

Commitments towards next-gen Smile Design, connected workflows and working towards a single, common definition of success.

In design, small details matter big. Customized smiles make every patient feel and appear distinctive. It's the personal touch that makes a difference.

Easier to create a common perspective in a treatment, and gives more clarity to the people involved. Everyone is aligned to the same treatment goal.

When you already work in a cad / cam software it is easy to connect all the dots. All the teeth from the 2D database are natural shapes and can be downloaded as 3D files. Here is how to import

Shape my smile is a completely digitalised, minimally invasive additive approach for restoring esthetics and function using natural teeth libraries.

Motion adds another layer of predictability in planning. After all, whatever we design, will go into millions of cycles of motion.

Digital dentistry is directly linked to input and data. This is a standardised photo protocol, and some examples of common mistakes that can occur during acquisition.

Digital today offers thousand ways to execute any particular treatment. We need tools versatile enough to bring everyone on the same page, in their own way.

RAW is a complete digital workflow for copying natural morphology, individualised and simplified in Dentcof's philosophy and optimised for both open and closed CAD-CAM Systems.

A complete protocol for guided direct composites. Restore enamel as well as dentin, preserving shape and texture to achieve a natural and functional result.