Evolution: New Interface, Simplified workflow

Smilecloud is a platform for documentation, collaboration and intuitive smile design using natural shapes. It allows you to upload all your case documentation ( photos, videos, cbcts as well intra-oral and face scans ) into a private and secured workspace where you can invite your team and patients to communicate and collaborate and design. Keeps you and everyone in your team and all your cases connected. Eliminates file-sharing in its entirety. Case-based chat and communication brings focus and efficiency. Last, but not least, simple and intuitive design options bring the best out of digital dentistry, without a complex learning curve. 

We’ve improved interface for more clarity, speed and ease of use. Dark mode, 3D scans with color, filters for file types, compare designs and more. Check out what changed: 

More Freedom to Store and Restore

If you are tired of external hard-drives, local servers, usb sticks, dropbox jamming your computer. If you keep losing things or have trouble finding them. If you don’t have a plan about data regulation and protection, or if the solution you have is making your life more difficult. In any of these scenarios, Smilecloud steps up your game. It allows you to create a scalable, cloud based case library, where you drag and drop your case documentation. You benefit from an indestructible resource flow, where your files never lose quality, never lose the originals, while maintaining speed and performance. It doesn’t use any of your hard drive space, yet keeps everything synced. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device with a modern internet browser.

To give you more freedom we are including 4 times more cases in the Designer account and 10 times more cases for teams. All for the same price. 


Library downloads are now included in every active subscription. Download your selection of relevant unique compositions of natural shapes as separate STL files. Continue to 3D in the software of your choice. Read more about it here: What happens after the 2D design?

Everything in one place

We simplified the entire workspace design to make it more elegant and easy to use. All your notifications are now in one place:

  • messages
  • team up request
  • activity

On the left side you find what is most relevant to organise your work: case library, filters and collections, all with a real time case count. When you work, you can hide the menu for more space. On the backend, we’ve improved speed for faster upload, download and visualisation. The center of the screen becomes the canvas where you restore beautiful smiles. 

Extended chat box

Interdisciplinary treatments require allot of communication, comments and annotations when giving feedback. We felt that more space in the chat box was more than welcome in order to reduce scrolling and finding old messages faster.

New Features

In the age of digital dentistry’s endless possibilities and workflows, simplicity reigns supreme, as it decreases both learning curve and working time. We’re always working on making things better, faster, more efficient. We couldn’t do this without the feedback of our users, treating patients and restoring smiles daily. There are more to come but until the next release, here is what’s new. 

Compare multiple designs

Generated design names for clarity in communication

Compare tool between different designs

Before and after slider view


Now you have possibility to upload the face scans as part of the case file. 

Color scans 

Scan formats are diverse. Why we updated the platform to support not only .stl files but also .obj and .ply. Simply drag and drop the files to your case and access them with ease.

Smart Filters

Too much data? shorten your search time by applying filters. Smart filters allow you to search for specific types of files. View only what you need. 

Dark Theme

Dark theme is often used for  better eye-comfort when working. Choose the theme you prefer and switch between Light and Dark with one click.

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