Smilecloud Otto: Summer Update

Not everyone is a designer. But everyone should work towards a design, an end goal. This is what Otto is all about. Empowering teamwork by creating a common perspective for every member of the team, whether we talk about a restorative dentist, a lab technician, a surgeon, or the front desk.


The way we see it, there are two things everyone in a team must see at all times, in every case. The problem, and the solution. Where you are, and where you want to go. Smilecloud’s unique case-based architecture allows you to channel team resources towards achieving a common goal. On top of that, you have design as a central pillar in communication, that adds up to the same value proposition. With the Otto update, we chose to add more depth and a couple of key tools to enhance the collaboration during a cases’ lifecycle. Some features are completely new, some have been redesigned for more usability and workspace value.

Virtual treatment room

This is the place where you can discuss anything treatment related with the team working on the case. Two things make it uniquely powerful. 

Context: When you invite someone in the virtual treatment room, they will get immediate context of what’s going on, as they get to see all the resources of the case, as well as the previous conversation. It saves you time instead of answering the same question or briefing the case over and over. This also allows easy mentorship, as it really takes one click to ask an advice from someone in a case-related matter, and that someone really has the context to answer.

2D and 3D annotations: The second one is annotated resources. You can annotate pictures as well as intra-oral scans, which empowers fast and visual communication. The fact that you can say “here” or “this” and literally point to it, in 2D or 3D, makes a big difference. Imagine getting an answer to your question from the first reply, instead of a question back. How can you not love that?

Extra perks. Editable messages: You click send and change your mind. Now messages are editable. You can edit or delete any message you’ve written for 30 minutes after sending it.

Reviewer. Create a team perspective. Keep your projects close to you.

One of the key features of Smilecloud Otto, is the reviewer. Reviewer allows you to create unlimited 3D scenes, and stack data to put projects into perspective, allowing everyone easy access to them. And like we said, not everyone is a designer, but everyone in the team must understand where the case is going, and reviewer brings just that to the table. Like everything else in Smilecloud, it’s powerful, yet lightweight. It allows you to review a design from your phone. (Available for Android, iPhone coming soon).

Accelerate feedback with annotations. Now also in 3D.

Annotations allow you to be specific and visual when you communicate. Whether you want to be specific in a conversation or you want to create an educational slide, a whole new level of possibilities has just opened up.

Cross-section. Measure designs with the tap of a finger.

In order to evaluate designs, one must be able to measure. We made that easy. Imagine doing it from your mobile phone. One click to create a cross-section. Double tap to measure. That’s it. 

Patient Passport – Redesigned

With one click, you can turn a case, into a data passport for your patient. This allows you to share documentation, designs, forms, chat on annotated data, in a direct channel to your patient. This way of communication complies with privacy and security regulations. It allows your patient to feel connected to the case team and provides an effective and elegant way to manage data.

Paperless: Fully customisable

You can now create your own documents and use the interaction with patients. Whether it’s consent forms, questionnaires or anything that you regularly use, the form editor allows you to create or customise them. And of course, always have them available in the cloud. The benefit of this is that you can request the documents from patients in 1 click.  Patient fills and signs it electronically and it is automatically saved and stored in his case, as a downloadable pdf. A quality of life feature for anyone who needs paperwork. And that’s all of us.

And of course more libraries

As always we remain committed to adding more and more libraries, to give you better options and more diverse morphology to use in your design workflow.

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