Review. Empowering Dentists & Technicians

Reviewer is a powerful lightweight interdisciplinary viewer for digital dentistry, that allows dentists to relate, interact and guide the execution of treatments. It empowers dentists, technicians as well as other specialists to create a common perspective in both simple and complex multidisciplinary scenarios. The easy access to the tool allows both parties to react to each other’s needs in a time efficient manner.

Ability to align data directly in browser

Gives the control to the dentist to easily stack and align CAD and DICOM files. This can be done directly from a browser page, without any dependencies. Makes your life easier. You no longer need to ask the technician for screenshots, links and measurements. Simply do it yourself, whenever you need it.

Relation to bone

Relate your design to bone and biology. You easily convert DICOM data to STL. Moreover, when you do a cross-section in your CAD projects, DICOM data is displayed. This allows you to better evaluate surgeries in relation to design.

Static occlusion and Patient specific motion

You can check contacts and motion, if available. Grouping and ungrouping layers gives you the control over what structures you want to evaluate.

Persistent projects that you can access anytime, anywhere.

No more expiring links. All your projects are here to stay and can be accessed anytime, from any device.

Centralized communication

Easier to create a common perspective in a treatment, and gives more clarity to the people involved. Everyone can look at the same thing, and comment on it. Most importantly all specialists involved are aligned to the same treatment goal.

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