Smilecloud Otto. Design centered collaboration

Winter update finds us loyal to the same narrative. Having design as the central pillar in collaboration and as an accessible reference for everyone involved in a treatment team. This is where reviewer comes in. Allowing an easy centralised access to interdisciplinary projects, where both know-how and technologies can scale across a team environment with a powerful network effect.

Align scan data made easy

You can now align scans directly from a browser page. Cross-section allows you to measure differences between the scans. Evaluate your preps by yourself in relation to design and download the scans in the original or aligned position.

Evaluate static occlusion

The new heatmap allows you to evaluate contacts and their intensity. You can view it either on the scans as well as on the cross-section, and measure off course.

Evaluate dynamic occlusion

Yes, you heard it right. Smilecloud now supports Modjaw motion data, allowing you to evaluate design in relation to functional movements. This adds a 4th dimension to your projects, whenever motion data is available.

Realtime cross-section

Evaluate functional envelope with a realtime cross section. Measure anything with a double click.

Everything available on the go

3D reviewer, motion reviewer and cross section are also available on mobile apps. Download them from the App Store or Google play. 

(Motion and heatmap for iOS is available in google chrome browser – in app coming soon) 

Export any frame from motion

Need to increase VDO on the go? No problem if you have motion data. Frame by frame motion review allows you to select a specific position for the restorative planning. All this in a  lightweight, user friendly visual scene. Select the position and export the files. Continue the work with your lab and of course, come back to create new review scenes as your planning progresses.

Breathtaking customisable visuals

Press W to view the mathematics behind your design. Enjoy magical visuals.

Virtual treatment room. Pick up where you left off

Chat. We improved the virtual treatment room for more clarity. Now it is easy to resume your messages where you left off.

Dashboard. See what’s going in your cases at a glance. Main dashboard now will display the chat notification on each case.

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