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Import libraries into Exocad

Continue your 2D design with your technician in 3D. With the new update, you can download the biometric libraries not only as standard .stl, but as .obj files as well. Import them into Exocad and continue the path to a beautiful new smile created with biometric morphology.

Here is how to import

  1. Download the Smilecloud library from your design. Choose .obj (optimized for Exocad)
  2. Create your Exocad order
  3. Place a generic Exocad library on the arch
  4. Go to Expert mode
  5. Right click on the background and choose “Load custom model teeth”
  6. Go to the folder where you saved your Smilecloud library (don’t forget to un-zip/ unarchive the folder)
  7. Select the teeth you are restoring
  8. Now that your library is imported, right click again and select “Tooth placement” to move position and scale the library and design new, beautiful smile.

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