Modjaw motion data integration

One step further towards 4D Dentistry. The concept of 4D Dentistry refers to the implementation of dynamic functional jaw motion data into the digital workflow for diagnosis and treatment planning of prosthetic and orthodontic cases.

CAD designing and CAM manufacturing of an occlusal scheme in harmony with function remains a major challenge in dental rehabilitations. Occlusal plane inclination is extremely dependent on the individual mandibular motion trajectories. The choice of an occlusal concept in harmony with function plays a major role in the long term success of dental rehabilitation. 

MODJAW Tech in Motion, a jaw tracking device and a virtual patient platform, covers this gap brilliantly by capturing the real motion of the patients and generating static and dynamic files of the patient specific motion. 

“Motion adds another layer of predictability in planning. After all, whatever we design, will go into millions of cycles of motion.” Florin Cofar, Smilecloud co-founder.

How does this impact the planning process?

Smilecloud is built around one mindset: empowering teamwork by creating a common perspective for every member of the team, having design as the central pillar in collaboration and as an accessible reference for everyone involved in the treatment.  Allowing an easy centralised access to interdisciplinary projects, both know-how and technologies can scale across a team environment with a powerful network effect. 

The integration of motion into the 3D reviewer was a natural step towards a complete collaborative workflow. 

Alongside “ in-browser align”, color mapping of dynamic occlusion and real-time cross section, both dentist and technician can visualise, assess and review designs in patient specific motion patterns from the planning step, all through the treatment process.

The full digital workflow available to all dental professionals is a major shift in dentistry. This integration furthers the strong need for all dental technologies to interact with each other quickly and in a simple manner. It also strengthens an already fruitful relationship between MODJAW and Smilecloud offering our respective users more fluidity in their daily workflow. This is an exciting time, as it opens the door to a vast number of new synergies and future developments between the two companies”, Antoine RODRIGUE and Dr Maxime Jaisson, MODJAW’s co-founders.

An extended insight into motion integration in the restorative process

Florin Cofar together with the Modjaw team are training specialists each year during the RAW x Modjaw: Integration of motion in design course organised at the Dentcof education center.

A 3 day full live course addressing key challenges in treatment planning and execution of restorative cases, adapted to today’s digital ecosystem. How technology can provide shortcuts and empower the process, without losing the versatility that analogue traditionally provides. For upcoming courses contact

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